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stop biting my nails

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the Doctor Who finale is today. that makes me nervous.
the fact i’ve been attempting to dl and it dies at the last second doesnt help either.
i barely have any nails left and i havent even seen the ep yet!


two of my finger have now started to grow nails. and i like it. im trying really hard not to bite my other fingers

i think the nail polish thing is starting to work.
im on like my third bottle already


i cave and bit my nails and had to start over.

now they do seem to have grown a bit and the temptation is great but i will resist


my nails look terrible, so i’ve chosen this as one of my new year’s resolution.

i bought a black nail polish to paint and (hopefully) prevent the biting. i had this solution that tasted badly and you put it on your nails, but it didnt work.

good news, is, i havent bitten my nails in two days. i’ve ruined the polish a bit, but i just add a new layer and it’s done

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