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listen to more music.

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Of course I will keep up with listening to more music,

but I feel I’m at a comfortable enough point to mark this as done. Since I adopted this goal over a year ago, I’ve purchased and listed to new music while listening to the old. I got an ipod which contributes tremendously to my music listening and I’m almost finished transferring all my music to it with the exception of a couple things I don’t really want to listen to anymore. I feel like I have a very fine but small collection of music, so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know. I like rock including classic rock, metal, hard rock and alternative. I also like classical, jazz fusion and blues. Thanks, plumcheeks, for introducing me to Alter Bridge. They’re pretty cool!

I started transferring my CDs to my ipod and

this morning I had one of the most comfortable commutes to work. I listened to Beethoven with my noise-cancelling headphones while reading my book. I need to download more classical music because I can focus on what I’m reading while listening to it, and it drowns out all the bad noise like the loud, rumbling subway.

I think I'm close to marking this as done.

I just need to transfer all my CDs to my ipod. I probably should have done this a long time ago but now I see more reason to do so than before. I stopped using my ipod for a while because it was hard to hear on the subway. I was also using my ipod more for podcasts and video files like movies and documentaries. Now that I have my handy noise-cancelling headphones, I’m packing my ipod everyday. I never before considered listening to music while reading, but I’ve found it’s easier to listen to some music and cancel out surrounding noises than it is to try reading with surrounding noises. I just realized how little music I have on my ipod, so I need to get cracking on downloading all my music to it. I’ve also been listening to music at home. Sometimes it’s so quiet in my house so it’s nice to hear some music instead of feeling so isolated.

3 more CDs

I haven’t been listing to much more music but I just got three more CDs:

  • Tori Amos – Boys for Pele
  • Interpol – Turn on the Bright Lights
  • Cafe Roma 3

Maybe it will help.

Not my grandfather's jazz.

I’m just loving this new addition to my music collection. It’s ‘Cafe Roma 2: An Italian Jazz & Lounge Experience.’ Absolutely brilliant. From the back of the case: ”...a fusion of traditional Jazz sounds, elements of the Brazilian Bossa Nova/Samba, spicy Latin rhythms and a touch of Ennio Morricone.”
I assume since this is titled “Cafe Roma 2” that there must be “1” and hopefully 3. Gotta find more…

Music purchased since adding this goal:

Ozzy Osbourne: Randy Rhoads Tribute
Essential Piano: The Ultimate Piano Collection (classical music)
Jill Cunniff: City Beach (just something that caught my eye at Border’s. Turned out to be a good selection. Alternative music).

keep listening

I’ve always loved music, then there came a point when I stopped with the exception of turning on the radio in the car. I just felt too stressed and busy to keep up with it. Then I met a music lover who couldn’t believe it and sent me a bunch of great music files. I then realized what I’ve been missing. It’s so relaxing to listen…I just got a few CD’s for Christmas and I want to keep adding to my collection. I’ll just turn some music on while I’m at home. Not that complicated.

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