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92. I LOVE!!!!! diversity in races
93.I love chinese people
94.I am against racism
95. Racist people disgust me
96.I believe God made us all different for a reason
97. I want to marry a person of a different race
98. I love white chocolate
99.i am clueless
100. I am happy to finish this


65.mu parents are seperated
66.i have short hair
67.love action movie
68. lady in red is my fave song
69. ilove switchfoot
70.i hate the ACT
71.fave color is bleu
72.love to smile
73.am not perfect
74.love gum
75.love arizona tea
76.goin to college
77.love violin
78.am a messy person
79. live in Fl
80.love glasses
81.love winter
82.I love AMERICA
83.I love haiti
84.hate roaches
85.like snakes
86.don’t have patience
87. hate abortion
88.want to be a pediatrician
89.love taking pictres
90.love B&W photos
91.wants a laptop


36.get mad fast
37.i love to make people smile
38.love kids
39.want to be a pediatrician
40.has 2 brothers
41.no sisters
42. has a mom
43.kind of have a dad
44.has a small family
45.has the best youth group in the world
46.does not have a life
47. want to fall n love
48.love to eat candy
49.love rasberry tea
50.like school
51.has a great church
52.want to stop cursing
53.want to back in GOD;s goodness
54.likes to exercise
55.has a black lab
56. love my dog
57. love music
58.love movies
59.love chating online
60.had the best high school in the world
61.is not a very happy person
62.wish my mom will understand me
63. is scared to start college
64. am very sacarstic


24. favorite movie is one night with the king
25.favorite book is the wind blows backwards
26.love to read
27.Loves quotes
28.love shoutlife.com
29.is soon to be a college freshman
30.never been kiss
31.never had a boyfriend
32.don’t like summer
33.like spring
34.don’t know how to swim
35.don’t like height




i love shoutlife.com


23.loves Jet LI
he is my favorite actor …he isso talented and cute…i think i’ve watch almost all his movies…they are all great ,,,,my fave is unleash…gosh he is amazing …oo lololala

a 100things about me list 1-22

1. I am from Haiti
2.love to read
3.love romance novels
4.I what you can call a romantic
5.a recent high school graduate yay!!
6.don’t know what love is
8.speaks frenchh
11. and a litle spanish
12.i love shrimp
13.love dogs
14.love kids
16.is a christian
17.loves action movies
18.loves romantic comedies
20.love christian rock
21. don’t like racist people
22. hates boil carrots

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