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Almost there...

I’d resisted getting medicate for a very long time. I was diagnosed early in college during a psych study. Wasn’t until many years later, and pretty recently, that I really had a need to be medicated. Only after learning more about it was I even open to the idea, I had held a very negative opinion on the whole ADD thing and medications.

Started my own business, and without clases or a regular job to provide some external structure I was extremely unproductive. Busy all the time, working all the time, but really not getting much done at all. Medication has helped tremendously but I keep the dosage low and try other things to help clear my mind and organize my days.

One of the most helpful things has been going to sleep earlier. Before I’d go to bed at 2-3 AM and get up at 9-10 after laying in bed for a while. Now I go to bed before 12:30 and get out of bed about 8-8:30. Working on going to bed even earlier, instead of TRYING to work even when it’s really late and I can’t be productive. Working on getting it to 11pm-7am.

Another super helpful practice that I didn’t even realize the importance of was minimizing clutter and distractions in the environments where I need to focus, specifically my office. Amazing how big a difference a clear desk can make in how clear my mind is.

Medication (Ritalin) has been a positive experience, it has shown me my potential and that I need not despair. But it’s a tiny piece of the puzzle. I like to see it as a temporary support until I learn how to help my mind focus through internal and environmental methods (Organizational methods, meditation, routines…)

Good luck all.


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