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Eliminate credit card debt

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back in 613 and ready to go! has written 6 entries about this goal

curbed the urge

to make two online purchases!! :) so happy!

paid for parking on my card which is ok and i took the other two cards out of my wallet!


was supposed to put 10% down on all cards. will be short this month and may miss my $1000 per month too. not a great start! but it’s ok. baby steps!

bad news

tried to use my card today…i had the cash and still tried so i’m going to take it out of my wallet! if i don’t have the money, i really shouldn’t be buying it!

december 31 2010 the goal is in

i will have all of my credit cards paid off! if i do then i get a beach vacation next new years…if not, my friends go without me!

since last entry

i’ve paid off

$600 and i’ll pay another $600 next month

three cards

one of which isn’t mine and that’s the first one to get paid off

the goal is to have them all paid off in 18 months. that’s $750 per month! i’ll need to get my business going in order to make that happen but it’ll be worth it!

and to live my authentic financial life for 18 months would be amazing!

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