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get over him

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i saw him last night…it’s so hard to stay away. i need to make the cut. i thought he’d get it but clearly he doesn’t! i need to move on!!!

didn't text him

i didn’t send him a text for 2 days now and i feel so good about it. i miss him but interestingly enough, i don’t really care what he’s up to. other than making sure he’s happy! i just texted to say hi but i feel like it was to say hi, not to hear fom him.

i feel good knowing i have a date on wed too! :)

so hard

i tried so hard to be with him for almost 3 years. we’ve broken up so many times and now he’s got a baby with someone else. i just want him gone but i don’t want the hurt of missing him. but i need it…i need to move on!

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