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Bjarke has written 3 entries about this goal

Started a writing group

About four months ago I started a writing group. We meet once a week to criticize the last week’s text. The group had two members to begin with. We’re both currently writing a novel, both writing in the fantastic genre (fantasy/scifi) and both hoping to get published. A match made in heaven :). A third and fourth member is joining shortly.

Starting a writing group was the best thing I’ve done for a long time. Earlier I held long unnessecary breaks from writing (“I’ll do it tomorrow”-breaks) but a once-a-week writing meeting prevents this from happening – I’ve almost written more the last four months than I have for the 19 years that preceeds them :)

Getting started

I abandoned my last plot, but my new plot seems to be tons better. I’ve written about 1/20 of the novel now wee ;)

Will it ever become a novel...?

Some months ago I wrote a short story which people told me was pretty good, and a couple of them suggested I made it the first chapter of a full-fledged novel. I liked the idea and still do but haven’t gotten any further the last months. I can’t continue to wait for a lot of time to magically appear – I better convince myself that writing fragmented throughout the week is the only way… soon! :)

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