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so, in my fit of excitement over learning more about how to stand my ground maybe i also need to learn when to appropriately apply it.

i’ve doing it more often at work(and with my boss) and i think it’s almost become an issue a few times too many.

i think it’s more that i am so sick of being bottled up, and when you stay like that for so long people assume that you have no backbone. ‘you teach people how to treat you’ is the best quote to apply here for what i am experiencing.

what is the best way to know when?

two days in a row

today i got to talk with my professor about our class/organization we are creating. super excited about it because i finally got to go over all the little odds and ends and decide on official dates and rules and how we are going to present ourselves to future members.

yesterday my boyfriend and i went for a walk and started to talk about politics and i held my ground on my own opinions as we debated back and forth.


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