Eynar Oxartum in Madrid is doing 39 things including…

Collect myself a pebble, stone or mineral from every EU country

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Eynar Oxartum has written 10 entries about this goal


Here is a representative of the smallest country in the EU. I picked it up on 1st November 2013 at ir-Rabat, the capital of the island of Gozo (or Victoria, as it is known as well), near the bus station.

I was impressed by the great amount of limestone present in Malta. Nearly all the buildings were made of this material. Instead of fences, they use limestone walls!


This one has been picked up near the Pramenoux castle, which is close to Lamure-sur-Azergues, on 22nd July 2012. A nice witness of a nice walk in the French woods.

Czech Republic

I picked up the Czech representative last year (though I did not post about it until now). It is this specimen, which I found in the Lumbeho zahrady park on 25th July 2011. The place is not far from the well known Prague Castle.

It is a nice souvenir, which reminds me the good time we have had with our friends over there.


At last I have found a nice litho-representative of Portugal! Oxartum productions is proud to present you this beach pebble, picked up on 14th July at the Lagoa de Santo André. We went there because I subscribed to a 10K race (about which I have news as well). The place is great, and (as it is a lagoon) waters are among the few warm waters I have ever seen in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

This natural pebble replaces de nice but man-made cobblestone that was representing Portugal up to now.

Updated pebblemap

This is the situation up to date ;) I still have to find a better choice for Portugal (at the moment I have a very nice small limestonecobblestone that I found loose at one side of a street, but I prefer natural rather than artificial pebbles. I will get this one in my next trip there).

light grey = not in the project
dark grey = got it, but not in the project
red = not yet
yellow = looking for something better
blue = got it!

United Kingdom

This one is a souvenir of my trip to London, I picked it up on Sunday, 16th November. I have found this pebble on the right bank of the Thames, between Blackfriars Bridge and Waterloo Bridge.


Last week I have been to Italy. I picked up a pebble at the Giardini dell’Arena (the gardens of the Roman amphitheater in Padua). It has been many centuries since the amphitheater is in ruins, but the gardens are famous because they are home to the Scrovegni Chapel, which is where Giotto’s masterwork kicked off the Renaissance.

The pebble was part of a slightly bigger stone that was lying on the ground between the garden’s gravel. I picked it up on 23rd September.


Last 13th Jan I picked up this one at the Slieve Bloom Mountains, not far from the centre of Ireland. A friend of mine and I were on our way to Birr, where we visited the wonderful telescope.


I picked this one up on 8th September 2007, in Frías, Burgos (known as “the smallest city in Europe”. People there are very proud because in spite of having just 314 inhabitants, historically the place has the title of city, while Madrid is officially a town).

It looks like a sandstone, but I am not an expert, so I could be completely wrong. Its length is 2.5 cm.

Here is the pebblemap!

I have made a map similar to the one I made for the eurocoin project.

As there, the legend is not very readable here, as the website reduces the image, so here is the key:

light grey = not in the project
dark grey = got it, but not in the project
red = not yet
yellow = looking for something better
blue = got it!

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