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make elephant shaped potholders

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almost forgot the whale

a friendly fellow :)

the shark

another potholder … I’m adoring these

post-elephant inspiration

After finding some confidence with my elephant successes, I decided to branch out and devise some alternative potholder personalities. Here, the dragon.

C'mon Oye Vey!

It’s now or never on this one!!!
Stop being afraid it won’t turn out perfect and just do it!!

Cleaning house, but this one stays!

This project is so simple, I can’t believe I haven’t gone for it yet.  I will not let it disappear with a click of a button …. I MUST do this!

nothing stopping me but me

I still haven’t started on this project, but I’m enjoying thinking about it. I don’t have a sewing machine, nor scraps of material (though perhaps cleaning out my closet will produce some useful colorful bits). The more I think about this idea, the more I’d like to go into full production with it, so I searched around on etsy to see if anyone is making something similar … nothing turned up, so I think I’ll have a unique product … yay! However I’ve got to be careful about this desire to go into full production, and stopping myself from starting because of a lack of some supply (ie sewing machine) necessary for such an undertaking … that’s a destructive way to think: this project starts with making just one, and that’s possible to do completely by hand. My own initiative is the only thing stopping me from bringing this from an idea into existence.

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