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Make a hula-hoop

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did it!

just finished yarnbombing it.

now to take pics …


I finally found hoop-worthy tubing! I took a coworker’s tip on a place just outside the city, and they had exactly what I needed. It cost a bit more than I was planning on spending, but fine. I’ve got two (naked) hoops sitting here in front of me.

Time to decorate …. :)

Weather and stress

I’ve been going through this ridiculously stressful period at work lately. All signs point to it ending on Tuesday, but still it’s got my brain working on figuring out some new stress outlets / pleasure activities (that is, when my brain actually functions in these circumstance).

There have been some nice sunny days lately, and though it’s still super cold, I’ve got hooping on my mind. I realized recently: part of my job is being outdoors for about an hour to an hour-and-a-half per day. And within the parameters of my job description, nothing but grown-up-convention says I can’t spend it hooping. So I’m inspired to get this goal off the ground and on my hips!

One thing that has held me back from making this goal a reality is the difficulty I’ve encountered in finding the supplies I need. I’ve finally managed to locate the correct type of tubing, but like everything in Sweden it’s expensive, and apparently I can’t buy less than 25 meters at a time. But I’ve decided to be confident that I can find other hoopers or potential-hoopers around me who would be pleased at the opportunity to buy a 2.5 meter section from me at cost. I’ll shoulder the initial burden and hopefully build / encounter a community of hoopers as a result. If worse comes to worst, I bet the kids I work with will be drooling at my hoop and I can sell-at-cost the unneeded lengths to them.

No more fear! Time to do this for myself!

Try asking for these materials, specifically

160 psi ¾-inch (19.05mm) flexible polyethylene pipe
black irrigation tubing (Swedish:spolslangen) which is sold in the back of the plumbing department
HDPE & Polypro
DO NOT USE Pex water line

Don’t forget
Insert-connectors (1” connectors for 1” tubing ; 3/4” for 3/4” tubing)


I dreamed of hooping last night.
It felt so good ….


So beautiful! So inspiring!

a lead

Ahlsell is the best I’ve come up with so far as a possible irrigation tubing supplier. I’ll try calling in the morning. Gad, this would be so simple in Cali …..


I want to start hooping again, but first I’m gonna have to make a hoop. First step: find an irrigation supply store…

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