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have good posture

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This is

proving a little difficult at the moment as I have permanent lower back pain which is causing my left leg to go numb sometimes; apparently they reckon I have a compressed nerve somewhere, so my trip to the hospital will be interesting. Practising correcting feels so un-natural despite it being better for me to stand/sit straighter and now the situation is being compounded by this nonsense but I just view this little setback as a deviant nerve who is trying to mess up the game plan but I don’t intend to let this break my stride.

X Ray

Not good, saw the x-ray today, a slight curve in my spine but it was enough to make me really want to achieve this goal. A friend suggested buying a book on back care, will have to take a trip to the book store to find a good one, a daunting task as it may offset my other goal but this is for my health.

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