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My Mother...The Pirate :)

Yesterday for my mother was an “Eye Surgery” day. She had a Corneal Transplant and she is doing well so far. I took her today to her follow-up visit and the doctor is pleased with the results. I have more to tell about this but I need to go and take care of her tonight again. I hope that she can sleep better this time.

A dinner concert.

Mom enjoyed a dinner concert tonight with my grown children. She loves classical music and was so happy that this time one of her grandsons was in the stage playing for her.


I was in Atlanta during this week (two days) visiting my mother. She is at my sister’s house and her health has not been good. We had a family picnic and I was happy she enjoyed it, the place where it took place was the Chattahoochee River. I think I will go back to Atlanta in two more weeks to bring her back home, she already is missing it.

Another birthday.

We had a family get-together yesterday celebrating my Mom’s birthday. She turned 85 years last Saturday. It was wonderful to be there with her and my other sisters.

Grocery store...

I spent a good time this evening with Mom at the grocery store. She takes her time to pick up all the veggies and fruits she needs even though she doesn’t like some of them. I like to observe her because she acts sometimes like a little girl.

Breakfast time...OFF today :)

I am not working today so I will have breakfast with her. She has been sad lately because she can’t do things as she used to. She feels unuseful and cries which means to me time to take her to the mall and make her happy…she likes to walk and be around people.

The 25th my mom was....

Mom Noel. We had a good Christmas party and she was happy to be with us because she thought she couldn’t make it to this day.

More than a month...

that my mom is home. I take her every sunday evening to my sister house and we spend a nice family reunion. She feels way better and has much more energy to walk and do her chores. I see she looks happier everyday and it makes me happy too.

Finally my Mom is doing better.

She was in Atlanta for about a month with my other sisters and came back to Salt Lake last saturday. I have been taking her for a walk every day, she needs to exercise her legs. I am happy because I know that I have more time to spend with her.

I spent with her...

...last weekend. Although she still is weak, she seems to be improving on her health condition. She wanted to spend a time with my other sisters in Atlanta but she is coming back to Salt Lake maybe this weekend. She felt so sad when I had to leave her :( so did I. I need to be strong but it is hard sometimes.

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