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panamagrl in Buffalo is doing 1 thing including…

master cleanse


panamagrl has written 19 entries about this goal


Weighed myself this morning, and I’m down 3.8 pounds since Monday’s weigh in! I’ve been drinking almost a gallon of water a day so I know it’s not water weight. 10 more pounds to go to get back to where I was on Day 30 of my MC. It actually feels attainable. After I reach that milestone I have another 40 pounds to lose, and I hope to be there by September 1st. It’s a lofty goal but if I work hard and stay focused I should be able to do it. They say the hard part is keeping it off, but I think both losing it and keeping it off are just as hard.

Been working out every day doing an hour of cardio, and I think I’m going to kick up the weight training to 3-4 days a week (currently doing 2 30 min sessions a week). I’d like to add yoga and Pilates in but I figure when I get closer to my goal weight I can scale back the cardio and balance it out with yoga and flexibility training. It’s so hard to fit everything in (in order to fit into everything)!


Hi all, I’m one week off of a 30 day cleanse and have been enjoying keeping up with all of the new cleansers. For those of you getting ready to come off the cleanse, do NOT do what I did. One of the sites recommended not to sit around and obsess about food as you get close to the end becuase that will be the first thing you reach for once you can eat. Well, I spent my last week fantasizing about a falafel hummus wrap. Day 1 post MC I dutifully sipped my OJ, and actually missed the lemonade. Day 2 I stuck with the OJ until lunchtime, when I snapped a made a beeline for the Falafel Bar. The wrap tasted AWFUL but I still stuffed it down and that sparked a one week foodfest where I engaged in every naughty eating behavior you could possibly envision, and really don’t want to if you’re still cleansing. With very little protest from my cast iron tummy. My bm’s kicked in about day 3 post cleanse and have been fantastic ever since.
So, I’ve picked myself up from the food gutter and have rededicated myself to a low carb regimen. I don’t recommend Atkins for everyone, but for me it was the only way I’ve been able to reach and maintain a healthy weight long term.
I lost a total of 40 lbs while on the MC, have gained back 14 of it largely due to my one week binge, but am still down 26 pounds and have the momentum to stay dedicated to losing 50 more. I’ll keep you all posted, and good luck too all of you cleansing out there!!! If you’re thinking of going longer than the 10 days then go for it, it really does get easier and better.


Well, I had hoped to go for 30-40 days but my body is telling me otherwise. On Thursday I had a dizzy spell, with a couple more on Friday-one while I was teaching Spinning class. I went from feeling fantastic and energetic to incredibly ravenously hungry and hollow. My tongue has been clear pink since Thursday. I decided it was time to start to transition off the cleanse. Initially I was incredibly depressed about that because I felt strong about continuing. The lemonade still tastes great and I’ve settled into a comfortable routine with it. But I don’t want to use it as a crutch for avoiding the challenges of day to day healthy eating. I went one more day to round it out at 20 and also to end the cleanse on a good day, which they say you should do. Saturday was Day 20 and my last day. It was a good day but I was really sad to be going off the cleanse even though I think it’s best for my body right now. I think I detoxed well and my system is ready for some nutrients. I drank OJ all day yesterday and will have some soup tonight. Haven’t had a chance to get my final stats but I’ll post everything as soon as I do.

MC 1- 10 days (1/25-2/3/07)
MC 2- 20 days (2/5-2/24/07)

DAY 17-Dreaming of Food

Just watched Seinfeldt and drooled watching George eat a plate of spaghetti at the diner. That led to cravings for peanut butter (have no idea how one relates to the other but I’m feeling extra weird these days).
On the other hand, I got a motivational boost this afternoon by flipping through the Victoria’S Secret catalog and envisioning myself running aroung in some cute little summer tops.
My boyfriend is trying to talk me into ending the cleanse after Day 21, he thinks I’ve gone too long without food. He’s the one I whine to about all of my cravings so I’ve probably been skewing his perception. Strangely that has the opposite effect on me and makes me more committed to staying on it. My tongue isn’t pink yet and I still have a lot of weight to lose, so for now I’m forging ahead.

DAY 16-Not Feeling So Enthused

Had a rough night last night—got really depressed because I miss food so much and felt soooo sick of drinking that freaking lemonade. I moped around and then went to bed early. I think my mood was due in part to trying on a bunch of my clothes yesterday and still not having them fit. I’ve lost a lot of weight on the cleanse but didn’t realize just how heavy I’d gotten over the past year. I still have a ways to go before I’m back to my “normal” size. I know the weight didn’t come overnight and won’t be gone overnight, but each day seems so excruciatingly long.
Well, I’m cheering myself up today by reminding myself that this Saturday is Day 20, and is the halfway mark. I hope I get out of this funk!


Two wonderful things have recently happened to me, I credit the cleanse for both. First, in Spinning class last week I noticed that my thighs no longer touch when I’m standing on the pedals climbing. They used to rub and chafe (can’t believe how heavy I was) and all of a sudden I noticed they weren’t doing that anymore. It made me verrry happy.

Second, I’ve battled uterine fibroids for years, and have several large ones in my uterus. I’ve tried various homeopathic and medical remedies but nothing has seemed to help. Well, based on what’s coming out of me I think I am shedding them(sorry this is so gross but if we can talk about the qualities of our poop here I guess this isn’t that different). It’s like they’re coming out of me in clumps, and it feels great, like my body is liberating itself.
If you can go longer and feel up to it then I definitely recommend the potential benefits of long term cleansing. My energy level has been great and I continue to sleep very well. And I fantasize about food constantly. Pizza, mexican food, chocolate chip cookies, you name it. It’s almost like a little game now because I know I won’t give in to temptation.
Onwards to Day 40.


OK, down 33.6 pounds since my 1st MC (10 days, cheated big time on Day 11 and started over on Day 1 next day-currently on Day 13).

Here is my Daily regimen:

I drink 6-8 glasses of the LA (alternate lemons and limes) throughout the day, with 1 tbs. MS per 10 oz. and lots of the hottest (90,000 btu) cayenne pepper.
Lax tea am and pm-SWF just didn’t work for me (too bad for me).
I work out 5-6 days a week-one hour of solid cardio at 70-75% of my max aerobic heart rate, also lift weights 2 x’s week for 30 mins.

I know weight loss will slow down but I hope the exercise is keeping my metabolism from grinding to a halt. I normally have a very slow metabolism and have battled the chubbies all of my life. Previously I’ve only been able to get down to a fit size 8 by tons of exercise daily and a very strict low carb diet. I hope to go 75% raw after my 40 days-not ready to give up meat yet but I’m feeling pretty optimistic about healthier eating in general, and less partying. I live in Buffalo, NY, where people wean their young on a diet of chicken wings, pizza, and beer. I loooooove food so this has been especially challenging but liberating. Tomorrow is Day 14 and I feel confident about making it to 40-I know it could all change with one modo swing, but am taking it one day at a time.

Other positive changes include phenomenal sleep quality, skin like a baby’s ass, and just a generally better outlook on life in general. I’ve been somewhat depressed the past couple of years-went through a rough split with spouse and lots of life upheaval in general. Been self medicating with too much partying and food. This is the first time in two years I’m finally starting to feel like my old improved self again.
Thank you MC!!!

P.S. Today’s food fantasy was super thin crust New York style pizza-aaahhh!!!!!

DAY 9: Just the Beginning or close to the End?

The last time I was on Day 9 that was my title. This time I KNOW it is just the beginning for me. I’m always whining about missing food but I have settled into the routine of the cleanse and feel pretty strong and confident about going 40 days.
Today’s temptation was my monthly department meeting. The publishing company provided this lavish lunch spread—gourmet sandwiches and salads, and a buttercream cake. While everyone chowed down I sat there wearing my crown of thorns, sipping my lemonade. I eyed the food lustliy but didn’t really seriously crave it. It’s weird, like OK I can’t have any so what’s the point of drooling over it? I hope this mental fortitude continues through the double digits.

DAY 8--Settling in for the Long Haul

I know different tactics work for different people, but I find that telling a lot of people I’m on the cleanse motivates me to stay on it (embarassed to quit). I just haven’t been going out and socializing, and that has been one of the hardest things because I’m a very social creature and usually go out with friends several nights a week. I figure now is a good time of year to do this because it’s cold and snowy and yukky (even though I’m freezing I think it’d be harder to do this in the summer when there’s so much outdoor and patio socializing).
The other thing keeping me going on this is the weight loss. I started my first MC on 1/25/07 83 pounds overweight and am down 26 pounds so far. I’m starting to fit into some of my old clothes and am really excited about getting my to my “normal” in shape size. I went off it on Day 11 so started over again on what would have been my Day 12. Today is Day 8. Cravings and hunger are there and incessant (today I’m craving beans, of all things-I think it’s a texture thing) but mentally I feel stonger than the cravings. For Valentine’s Day instead of going to dinner with my boyfriend we’re going to see a dance show at a local theater. I keep telling myself it’s only 40 days of my life, and March is right around the corner.


I love to check in here to read all of the upbeat posts, but I am so not feeling that way.
At best I’ve resigned myself to the cleanse, at worse all I can think about is food glorious food. And I don’t have to cook for anyone, there isn’t much in the house, and I try to stay away from television. I’m working out a lot and I’m excited about the detox prospects. But all I can think about, dream about, salivate over is food. Yesterday it was steak, today it’s Mexican and Italian food. I want to strip off my clothes and roll around naked in a huge bowl of pasta, I want to run refried beans through my hair. And the whole not being hungry thing-forget it, I’m hungry!
Am I complete loon or is anyone else having food fantasies? All you happy cleansers must be made of sterner stuff than I am, because I could kill a nun right now for a communion wafer. Aaahhh!!!


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