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Finished Season 6

It was okay. I’m watching kind of casually by now as the show only has so much to offer. I’m looking forward to the next and final season because I may remember some of that from when I watched it at the time.

Ready to keep going

I have season 6 and 7 now so hope to actually finish this in time for the Day Zero Project deadline.

Finished Season Five

This took ages. It wasn’t the best season. Sydney had her moments as did the season, but overall it wasn’t that special – certainly not compared to another show I’ve been getting through much quicker, Lost. The lack of botox is lovely though! Now I have no more Melrose Place to watch at the moment as the last two seasons aren’t on general sale, though I may source online rarities.

Finished Season Four

This one went by quickly! I enjoyed Peter’s return and Kimberly’s various storylines. Hated Richard, and Billy was at his worst too. There was really too much partner swapping between the ‘good’ characters this season and everyone claimed to be in love awfully quickly. But there were lots of classic Melrose moments including Brooke’s death in the pool and Sydney’s dream of being led to the gas chamber with Jane.

Finished Season Three

I didn’t like it as much as the first two, there were plenty of stories that just went on and on and ended up disappointing – like Jo’s baby being given up for adoption. It built up to a really great climax though with Kimberly blowing up the complex!

Two seasons down

I loved this show when it was on but rarely got to watch it.

I own and have seen the first two seasons on DVD and have the third ready to watch.

I was surprised that season one (the supposedly boring one, which prompted the studios to hire Heather Locklear to spice things up) was actually quite good – the drama was engaging and Jake and Jo’s relationship was a highlight.

In season two, the show finally becomes the over-the-top soapfest for which it was beloved. I spent the season hating Amanda while Michael soon became a villain too.

There are seven seasons in total.

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