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learn finnish


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To be honest, I haven’t learned Finnish but I did sign up for a Finnish class. It was fun, once a week for two hours… but to be honest, learning a language only once a week is not enough, especially with a difficult language like Finnish.

So my first attempt didn’t go so well, so instead I”m going to revamp this goal to be something more specific.


Now that I’m in Vancouver, there is only one place that offers Finnish language courses – the Scandinavian Cultural Center. They offer a variety of courses, but usually only once a year. The courses vary from “complete beginners” “beginners” and “non-beginners” (which I think is comparable to intermediate.) The “complete beginners” session starts in September, so I’m keeping an eye on the website for registration information closer to the date. It’s definitely something I want to make an effort to learn.


The fall/winter guide for UVIC continuing education is coming out. Last year they offered a beginner’s Finnish class in the evenings. Hopefully they do the same this year, as I plan on signing up for it.

While my attempt at taking a French class failed miserably, I did enjoy learning Japanese from scratch and therefore I think that method will be fine for learning Finnish. Fingers crossed!


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