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Learn to drive a stick shift


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Checking this one off the list....

Ok so now stick is like second nature… I drive almost every day and have no problems. I am not stalling anymore and can manage hills without a problem. The nervousness of everything (traffic, hills, stalling in intersections) has also subsided, and I am able to drive like I would an automatic.

I am really proud that I’ve learn’t this skill and recommend trying to learn this for anyone who is thinking about it – it really is worth it.


Ok so it’s been a little while since I posted. Since then I have taken a few more trips and was up to 4 trips without stalling. I even attempted the highway because I decided this goal could not be completed before I had driven in all possible aspects.
Unfortunately I stalled yesterday so I am starting my count back at one before I consider this goal completed! I am confident I can achieve it though. I am getting quite comfortable and even downshift successfully when necessary.

My first real trip....

Ok so I had previously decided that I need to do 5 trips (in a row) without stalling to consider this goal met and stick shift learned. So I set off to a local store for a short trip and they didnt have what they needed so I ended up doing a lot more mainstream roads then I intended… I drove for at least 25-30 minutes total and didnt stall once! So I am very proud of my self. I almost stalled in an intersection while turning left (a big fear) but was able to redeem myself. YAY I’m super excited. 4 more trips to go!

Started to learn the other day...

I’m excited! I’m learning (and driving small side roads) everyday and trying to smooth out the start. Once I can smoothly start up-hill (without rolling too much) I will feel even more accomplished. My goal is to drive 5 seperate times without stalling on each trip and I will consider this goal done!


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