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pepilindo has written 4 entries about this goal

she wasnt there to talk

she missed her class today.on friday i will surely see her and im going to ask her out, may the gods of alergies be in my favour

what should i do?

during this year i invited her two times by SMS. the first time it was the same day of a big test, i told her that a friend asked me to go out with him, because he was going out with someone and he needed some support. at the begining she said yes but then, one hour later she told me that she was not going because she was very tired. ok, then i invited her a second time, like three weeks later. it was a friday that was a hollyday so i asked her to go out on thursday. but she answered me that she was going home (i have to say that she is from another city very far away from where we study and she doesnt go there very often, and that long weekend was a great possibility to spend more time there)

i still see her, and we are kind of friends. should i ask her again?
should i let this pass and think in something else?

yesterday i saw her

i give a class with her and before that time arrives i spend all my day wondering about her; and when she is arround my shyness gets to its top, damn you shyness!! appart from that i had a cold which didnt help at all.

cmon people cheer me up

10 cheers and i invite her to the movies!

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