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get rid of unnecessary possessions

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A good start...

Since my initial entry on this subject, I’ve gotten rid of quite a bit of stuff.

I cleaned out my closet and got rid of more than half of my old clothes that I never wore anyway.

I cleaned out my kitchen and got rid of a bunch of dishes, tupperware and my favorite…. coffee cups!

I cleaned out the storage area under my bed and got rid of tons of knick-knack stuff that I had shoved under there.

...and… I even cleaned out my jewelry boxes to the point of only needing just one small one now.

I took all this stuff to Goodwill and can’t wait to do it again!

Who me??? A packrat???

I hate to admit it, but yeah… I guess it’s true.

Now that I’ve admitted that I have a problem, which I’ve heard is the first step toward recovery, maybe I can begin to let go of some of these things that I know are just taking up precious space.

It really does suck when people come over and the first thing they say is “wow, you have a lot of stuff!”

I mean, who really needs 20 screwdrivers? Yes, I really do have (at least) that many!

When I added this goal to my 43 things, I decided to take an inventory of some things that I tend to collect, and let’s just say that I have enough tools (manual and power) to supply a hardware store!

What’s worse is that most of them are in my kitchen! I even went out and bought a special cabinet to store them in. And speaking of cabinets, furniture is another thing that I have way too much of. I actually built my king size bed on top of a base of nightstands… drawers all the way around except for an opening which allows me to store stuff under the bed too. I can go all the way under there and sit up (when it’s not full of stuff).

So, you get the idea… just way too much stuff!!!

The next time I write an entry on this topic, I hope to have tackled at least one of my so-called “collections”.

Wish me luck…

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