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become a Masseuse

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So, I asked for the inforation to be sent to me for this, but instead all they would do was call me three times a day every day and try to get me to “talk to a counselor” about what I wanted to do etc…

I explained to the lady on the phone that if that’s what I’d wanted, I would have called them. All I wanted was for them to send me a brochure in the mail… but apparently that’s impossible unless I’ll talk to them about my hopes and dreams!

So, I basically told her to lose my number and that she totally turned me off to the whole idea of attending their school.

What did I learn from all this??? Never give a phone number if you don’t want to called constantly!!!


Step 1 Completed!

I have just finished completing a request for information from a school near my home.
I feel like I’ve at least started something.
We’ll see.

I have always wanted to do this.

For as long as I can remember, I have always said that I wanted to be a masseuse… which is actually quite strange considering I wont let anyone even come close to giving me a massage!
Still, I do enjoy giving them, and every time I do, I get told I should do it professionally.
At least I know I have something to work with!

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