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getting there...

I’ve had fast food once in the past month, and it wasn’t even that good!

starting over

I did well over the summer. I lived in a small town and was 20 minutes from the nearest fast food restaurant, so I ate it rarely, once when I went shopping a few towns away, and then a few times when I went down to Minneapolis/St. Paul. The glorious thing of it all is that it really did not taste all that good!
However, once I returned to school, I went back into my old ways and was eating fast food a few times a week. It is really not that good, but it is fast and relatively cheap.
Now, it’s been a week since I have last eaten fast food and I feel great! I’ve had some Thanksgiving leftovers and I’ve cooked some other food, so I am definitely making progress. I’ll be on the road later this month, and that is when I usually have fast food, so I will be in good shape if I can hold off until then.

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