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grow out my hair

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It’s still growing, but I haven’t cut it (other than to trim the yuck bits) in more than a year. It’s down to my shoulders now. I am pretty happy with it and I’ll keep growing it out and out and out until I decide it’s time for something new.

still growing

I haven’t cut it yet. My hair is just barely touching my shoulders now. I long for the day that it hangs down my back. Sigh!


My hair continues to grow unabated. I’ll probably needa trim soon to even it up and avoid that awkward mullet look.

this is not terribly difficult

I got a trim last week, to even things out a bit, but otherwise, my hair just keeps on growing. Woohoo! Go me! :D


It’s growing. Need to get a cut to even it out. But it’s growing! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

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