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get rid of unnecessary possessions

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books dont count

as I moved almost all my things to one place, I left all unnecessary (or rather less necessary) possessions back there at my parents, so I think I can count this as completed?

unnecessary memories

How I wish I could get rid of those so easily as deleting files in my PC!

address book

does cleaning of my gmail address book count as getting rid of unnecessary “possessions”?
even if it is not the case, it feels good to bring some order in my virtual space.

PC application

I dont know whether unused PC applications count as possessions but I tried to get rid of them yesterday with the help of my goal-mate. We got rid of some, but my notebook is still working quite slow…

almost finished

Today I started to organize my wardrobe. It took more time than I had for it so I didn´t do it very carefully. I found only 4 things to get rid of, one of them was broken umbrella I didn´t even know it´s there (it belonged to my former flatmate). I would gladly get rid of some more things, but they´re actually not my possessions so I have to wait untill their owner will have them removed.

half-way through it

I used Saturday for cleaning and I arranged that my things arrived in the afternoon. Cleaning wasn´t so bad as I expected, I even washed the windows listening to loud Billy Talent. I got rid of pile of old paperwork and decided to move some things to my office rather than have them at home. However, when my things I used to have at my boyfriend´s arrived and I assigned them to their new place, it wasn´t so much fun anymore. And still, the hardest part will be to get rid of all unnecessary clothes, but the wardrobe is in the other room and the main goal was to organize my immediate vicinity, so I can go with a little mess in the wardrobe for some time…

doing several goals at once

I decided to spend this Saturday by thorough cleaning of my room (in my rented flat). Not that I don´t clean it regularly, but some things I havent done for ages. I will use it to get rid of all unnecessary things and to let things be. I have to make space for more of my possessions that will arrive next weekend, which I had at my boyfriend´s flat and at the moment they are spending their time in my brother´s car trunk. Not that it will help me much to get over my heart things, but one has to start somewhere…
And making order in my vicinity (according to feng shuei) is supposed to bring order in myself. I could go with getting rid of some unnecessary thoughts anyway…

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