petrnotail in Baltimore is doing 34 things including…

give a gazillion cheers

12 cheers


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petrnotail has written 23 entries about this goal

i have 21 cheers to give

time for a cheer chain!!!


Total cheers given: 4444

bi-weekly cheer status

Cheers available today: 2
Total cheers given: 3912

We’re getting there…...

bi-weekly cheer-status update

Cheers available today: 5
Total cheers given: 3437
Total cheers received: 2862

/ \
I’m not keeping track of cheer-dudes

last update was: Total cheers given: 2890
547 cheers in 2 weeks?! Is that even possible??!

now the robots are just fucking with me

that blasted algorithm strikes again. gotten lots of cheers today…but do I have any to give? nope. “sorry, but you have used your quota of cheers for now.”

cock mongers, I want to cheer on my friends!!! are you listening?!

......... don’t mind me—it’s been a helluva day.

the past 24 hours

may just set a new single-day cheer giving record for me. let’s see…

cheers went too far back today to tally properly. but how wonderful that is! truly!

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....and I’m spent

bi-weekly cheer status update

Cheer stats
Cheers available today: 3
Total cheers given: 2890
Total cheers received: 2380


current cheers given count

that’s 63 cheers given in 24 hours.
Watch me go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

round number warrants entry

Total cheers given: 2600
Total cheers received: 2141

that frickin' cheer algorithm

i have been getting lotsa cheers lately, but then i’ll only have one or two available to me. WTF!?

One needs to have them to give…

petrnotail has gotten 12 cheers on this goal.


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