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To live instead of exist

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a new philosophy?

except for the making out with starman part, of course.

topical article/blog entry thingie

he pretty much states the obvious, but if i really paid attention to those things on a regular basis, i would be interested to see how i felt.

right now, i feel like existing is about all i can muster

i don’t know, maybe i’m completely wrong about that, i’m feeling a little discombobulated right now. crap, if i move this over, i’m just going to end up going through the motions, worrying about things like money, etc. that’s it, i’ve made up my mind. this needs to be shelved for now until i can get my act together.

thanks, toddschoonover!

i went to high school with a todd schnoonover, but it wasn’t you. what a small world. anyway, this one is going to be tough because i’m seriously mired in the minutiae these days. i’m tired of winter, ready for spring, ready to get back outside, and tired of thinking about money all the time, but i fear that’s just where i am right now and i’m going to have to shelve this goal until i can re-focus.

make the most of every moment

do what i want to do when i want, whatever that may be, and within reason, of course :)

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