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I just gritted my teeth, pulled out 90% of my meager savings, and paid off in its entirety the first of three student loans!!

My bank account is pained by this development, so I am not quite to the point where I think it’s worthwhile, but I am glad that it is finally taken care of, and I only have two more to go.

Slowly, progression

I am repaying on two of my three loans right now, and though my small payments make progress slow, I am happy to see my dollars owed reducing. Current payments add up to $290 per month, though I am hoping to make some lump sum installments soon, if the finances work out for it, about $3,000 on each loan, to put another big dent into my debt.

step one: budget

my dad is helping me on this. i consider it a small victory that i have been confronting my financial issues instead of just avoiding them and hoping they disappear (hah).

i still have to pay the family off (sounds like i’m in the dirty clutches of the mafia, but no, it’s nothing so juicy), but the egg donor cycle hath begun (i think- i’ll know after tomorrow), and that’s $5500 right there. that’ll be more than the end of the family debt. huzzah!

i’ll mark this goal complete when i have no more student loans i am paying off. in the meantime, i am trying to keep from accumulating any more debt. i bought my car in cash, so that was good. it’s a little older, but it works and it doesn’t look bad at all.

go me.

baby steps...

I’m just beginning this goal, and even though I don’t have a ton of debt compared to some people, I still feel trapped by it. It’s mostly student loans, about $30,000 worth, plus I owe my family about $1,500. I get paid every other week, but I never seem to have money. I’m just starting to attempt a budget this week. We’ll see how this goes. I’ve got to get on top of this money thing. I need about $5,000 to finish my last 14 credits and get my bachelor’s degree (dropped out due to money issues), and then I want to go to grad school…. Oy gevalt. Need dollars.

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