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Stacey in Arlington is doing 35 things including…

graduate with a 3.85 gpa or higher

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Three finals down, one to go.
Ok, so I know I haven’t written any entries on this goal at all this semester. There are several reasons for that…
  • Since I’m studying abroad, my GPA from this semester doesn’t actually affect my overall GPA at GW. All I need is a C average for credits to transfer.
  • The classes here are, for the most part, a joke compared to my average classes at GW.
  • Compared to my professors at GW, the professors here have pretty low expectations.

Basically, I haven’t had to do any real work here, haven’t really had to study much, and still have ended up impressing my professors without trying. Of course I still stress out come finals, but that’s normal.

I only need a C average here (I’m not sure I could get a C average if I tried), but since I do plan on applying to grad school at some point and I doubt they’ll brush off an academically poor semester abroad, I did actually put some effort into my classes. Occasionally. I got better than a C average anyways.

So yeah, three finals down, one more to go, on Thursday afternoon. Woooo!

Final grades, fall 2005...

French: A-
International Orgs: A
Honors Culture and Human Rights: A
International Econ: A-
Evil Anthropology of Doom, aka Linguistic Anthropology: B
Yoga: A
Piano: A

Semester GPA: 3.72
Cumulative GPA: 3.74


DONE with finals. Finally. Praise the Lord.
This past week has been exceptionally hectic.
Quick rundown of my week and finals…
French: Not particularly happy with how I did on the final.
International Orgs: I think I did fine though I probably didn’t do as well as I did on the midterm. It would be hard to do as well as I did on the midterm anyways, I got the only 100% in the class for the midterm. Kinda set the bar too high for the final.
Econ: Should have studied more. Again, I probably did fine, though not as well as on the midterm.
Honors: Holy cow, I just churned out a 21 page paper in like three days. It wasn’t even hard to make it 21 pages. I could have written a lot more. That was probably the first paper I’ve written that I could see turning into something like a thesis. I was writing right up to the deadline though, so I didn’t have a chance to go back through and do a decent edit of the thing, which is bad. That means that stupid grammar mistakes and other stupid little things I tend to do while writing stayed in the paper. Not to mention that my printer was out of black ink, so I turned in the paper in olive green, and it was 10 minutes late because the color took so long to print out, and it was wet because I didn’t realize it was raining outside. Oops. Eh well, my professor’s cool, it should be fine. I edited another paper for that class today, fixed the stuff my professor commented about, and turned it back in. That was the official end to my semester.
Linguistic Anth: Me and two of my friends in the class studied our asses off. I was actually pretty happy with how I did on the exam, especially one of the essays I wrote. How I actually did will depend completely on what kind of a grader he decides to be – I would probably get an A with any normal grader, but he’s a rather picky grader, plus he grades to bell curves. I could rant for a long time on bell curves, but I won’t.

Anyways, I am officially DONE for the semester! In keeping with my own established traditions, I’m not checking my grades until I get home. I’m just much less stressed that way, and if I get a grade I’m not happy with I can deal with it a little better at home than I can at school.

I am now 5/8 of the way through college. Scary.

Two tests and two papers to go.

Ugh. Between the French final this morning, and the inevitable disaster that is LinguisticAnth on Friday, I may have to relinquish my hopes of a 4.0 semester.

Without breaking into another rant, may I just say that I really hate/can’t understand professors who try to make their grades follow bell curves? Ooooohhh, the evil that is the bell curve.

Classes have ended!!

Classes have FINALLY ended, and I have made it through this week! {dance of rejoicing}

The International Orgs final went all right, I wasn’t completely satisfied with it but I haven’t spent much energy worrying about it since I took it. I figure I have other things to worry about. My Honors presentation went surprisingly well, considering I made up the presentation in the hour before class. I’m not quite as worried about that paper as I was before, although I still have no idea when I’m going to produce a 20-page paper in the next week. My French oral exam also went much better than expected. Now I just have to take the final and I’m done with my language requirement!! {more dance of rejoicing}

After yesterday’s IntlOrgs exam and presentation, I took the rest of the day off from work completely, which was great. I really needed a day like that. The only sleeping for 4 hours before waking up for class this morning I didn’t need, but taking the evening off yesterday to just have fun with my friends was worth it.

Anyways, schedule for this week:

Saturday: Christmas caroling and cookie baking and parties galore. It’s doubtful that much work will get done.
Sunday: Last ballroom class :(, a possible date {gasp!}, Mass, then hopefully much studying.
Monday: Last piano lesson and a flute choir concert.
Tuesday: French final.
Wednesday: Day of frantic studying and paper writing.
Thursday: Econ final {shudder} and 20page Honors Paper O’ Doom due {repeat of shudder}.
Friday: LinguisticAnth final, with 2 page takehome essay due at the time of the final {shudder once more}.
Then I’m DONE!

The end is in sight…


Crazy week is over. Very slightly less crazy week begins.

This week’s madness:
Monday: Piano lesson. No French class, thank God. MUST go to the Italian embassy and get my passport back (along with, hopefully, my visa) so I can send a copy of my passport to the AUR DC office and get housing for next semester. Work. Flute choir.
Tuesday: Econ. International organizations final. Must catch up on a semester’s worth of reading before then. Work.
Wednesday: “Designated Monday”, which means another piano lesson. French oral exam, which is going to be AWFUL considering how I can’t speak French.
Thursday: Presentation for Honors about the Chagossians. Must work on that.
Friday: Don’t know whether or not I have class. I don’t think there’s supposed to be class, but my anthro professor might try to hold class anyways.

Somewhere in there I have a flute choir concert, but I don’t remember when.

End of the semester crunch!

This week’s absolutely insane. I had a major paper due this morning, econ problem set due tonight (which I just finished), French test tomorrow, set of essays due tomorrow, 5 page paper due Thursday, and my first final exam Tuesday.

I may be slightly inactive on 43T for a while. I still love you all, really. Feel free to still comment on my stuff and leave me messages, I’ll get around to reading it. I just can’t afford to be spending lots of time on 43T every night now that it’s crunch time.


Finally decided what both of my big papers are going to be written on. One is due right after Thanksgiving, along with another not quite so big paper. The other’s not due till about mid-December. MUST get started writing. Wonder what the chances of being able to force myself to do work over Thanksgiving break will be…

LinguisticAnth = Waste of my time = Going to kill my GPA = Evil.

Went to see my Linguistic Anth prof today in his office hours. Actually I missed his office hours, cause they happened to coincide with my French class, the other class that’s trying to kill my GPA. I missed the end of his office hours but still had to wait more than a half hour to see him cause there was a line…whatever. Anyways I went to see him to get comments on the papers that are due Friday (2 2-page papers, dumb little things), to make sure that I’ll be getting a good grade on them. By good grade I mean I want to ace the damn things. Anyways, I have some minor editing to do tomorrow, but other than that they should be all right.


So I didn’t do as well on my French test as I thought I did. Actually, that turned out to be one of my worse French tests…I messed up a lot more of the grammer than I thought I did, I conjugaged a couple verbs wrong in my translations, and I didn’t write enough on my essay. And my professor bitched about my writing again. At least he didn’t make me rewrite it, but he did do that to another guy in the class today.

So French is looking more and more like it’s gonna kill my GPA

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