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eat healthy


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If any of my friends read this, they would yell at me and tell me I don’t eat healthy. But I do.
I eat whenever I’m hungry now. I eat breakfast, and it’s eggs or toast or a bagel or oatmeal. I eat lunch and I ussually eat a salad. AND I eat dinner or something else, even if it is really late. So, I may not always eat healthy foods but at least I eat three meals a day. I’d say that’s healthy.


I had breakfast yesterday (oatmeal) and a salad for lunch.
Same for this morning (breakfast bar). I’d say that’s relativly healthy, wouldn’t you?


Sooo, I wasn’t exactly on board with this goal and I had my mind set on not doing this, but it seems like now I’m going to actually have to do it. My best friend’s younger sister (Kate) is going vegetarian and for some reason I feel obligated to be healthy and prove that you can do it without eating meat. If I get sick from some sort of vitamin or protein deficiancy, I’m thinking it won’t send a very good message to Kate.

Today is lost because all I ate is junk (just like every other day) BUT, starting tomorrow I’m going to actually attempt to eat healthy


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