pingsoo in Seoul is doing 6 things including…

drink more water


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pingsoo has written 2 entries about this goal

Drinking only water

I’ve always struggled with drinking water. I just didn’t like it even though I knew it was extremely good for me. So I finally took some steps to get myself and my family to drink more water…only drink water. So simple but it really worked. I stopped buying juice or any other kinds of drinks. Another thing that helped was adding lemon or fresh mint. I’ve noticed a big difference in my health and I have had fewer migraines which were probably caused by dehydration. However, I’m still drinking coffee. I don’t think I can stop doing that!

On my way

This has been one of the biggest problems in my life..not drinking enough water. I just hated drinking water. I love coffee, though. Over my vacation, I read the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and I was suddenly inspired to more drink water. I am drinking quite a lot. I probably still need to drink more. Having to go to the toilet so often is a chore!


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