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Why can't men

And woman just be friends. I have put a ton of thought into this lately. Maybe because of the situation I now find myself. I have realized that I am doing a lot of shutting doors most especially with a dear friend because my friend is male. I fret..what will the kids think? What will the neighbors think? My mother? Heaven forbid my ex..I already know what he would think. So I don’t let this good healthy strong relationship grow because I don’t want to hear other people say…How does that look Leanne? A woman your age being seen in barnes and noble with someone ten years younger? Sometimes I want to say…how’d it look when I spent countless nights staying with a husband that would verbally humiliately in public? Why was that veiwed as an acceptable way to be talked about? So I took a happy turn in my life and when he called and asked…Can I spend Super Bowl weeked with my friends family in the Burgh? I said..”Mr NYC we would be honored!” And when I said…Saturday night no kids you said Olive Garden..I said applebees…yes we will prove them wrong!

I was off the charts, emotionally

I just can’t figure out, this life I handed myself..this life I thought would be better…but when you, balanced me.this weekend..which you did..humbly..knowing that perhaps,you may never work your way back into this marriage, but you wanted to show me the man, that I knew you always could be, maybe knew that you always were and are..I got scared, when I realized, I was not , the only person, who was thinking about the future, you, have thought it out as well.and I need to write that, so I remember that you did.because it’s so easy to remember the bad stuff, what brought you and I to this point in our lives…but there is this part of me, that believes, that the person, that will hold my hand, when I leave this world is you..I want it no other way

My Life has done a complete 360 degree

turn around. Still wondering, if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
So, I am setting small balance goals for this month.
I know, the gym, is a must. So, three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday I will fit in that exercise and still be home in enough time to fit some housework in and homework! So as a reward, I am making Tuesday nights..Barnes and Noble night. The kids and I enjoy going, and it never gets old! Thursday, will be ‘try a new thing”. This Thursday, I decided to take a nice long walk and get some photo’s of this last weekend snowstorm before it’s gone.

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