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wake up at 5:30am, even on weekends

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Yay me!

I started doing this again today.

Still Doing This

Although it was very difficult this morning, I managed to get out of bed… During the holiday I will be suspending this goal somewhat since I will be staying with my mom and she doesn’t get up until around noon, and I don’t want to disturb her. I will probably wake up earlier than that, but I need to rest too so I think I will allow myself to sleep later and sleep more, and then get back to doing this once I’m back here. Hopefully two weeks of slacking won’t mess up my sleep cycle too badly.

Done Today!

I woke up on time today and then I realized that I am awake too early! I don’t have anything to do until like, 11:00am. I can have Jordan time though, which is good.


Did really bad on this the last couple of days…

Going strong

But I haven’t made it to the weekend yet. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Day 2 & 3

Done for yesterday and today.

Day 1... again

Done for today! I might have needed two red bulls and 20oz of coffee to make it through my day, but dammit, I’m awake!

Did This Today!

Today is a super important day though… so… I guess that’s why. I need to wake up this early on mundane days too…





PinkCoffeeMug has gotten 10 cheers on this goal.


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