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I want to live out to the fullest the woman as I am - bold, cool, n always fabulous

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“Remarkable is a choice.” | Seth Godin

yes. it is my choice. bless me.

Make the most of my 30s

30s is a golden decade. you …
- get more mature in the way u carry yrself
- become more prudent
- exude scent of femininity

I want to make this the best decade of my life thus far.

I'm skillful

Try surfing
never tried before but i’m confident because i’m skilful enough to drive stably, raced motorbike sanely,defeated the French guy who taught pingpong after 30-1 hour beginner training.

make love with life

. stop & smell & kiss the flowers ✓
. buy flowers for myself once in a while ✓
. inhale deeply & slowly the beautiful air ✓

in love with myself

.take my potrait every year as a record of my life ✓

.get a bridal photoshoot session when i reach 25, regardless whether i am married or not. ✓

.Paint my own nude portrait to hang in my cozy bedroom.

A lady of inner strength

I want to become a strong soul in facing every weather & climate in life

my taste

I like collection:
- scarves ✓
- favourite film & posters ✓
- favourite songs ✓
- ballet shoes

Become more and more beautiful the older i get

every white is a sign of wisdom, and
wisdom is a great beauty.
true beauty never fade, deep beauty is eternal.
beautiful as it always be…

i want to live out my romantism

Have the most Romantic night in my life
My romantic ideal:
gave up `lose my virginity’ as a goal. i tried to be more approachable and common. but i cant deceit my own feeling. i tried to be carpe diem in having a lower expectation’s affection, yet this kind of life attitude/habit is really not for me. i have tried. nope. i’m not playing prude, nor am a good flirt. i realize that i’m just not in hurry, not desperate, don’t mind to live like this at the moment.
quality is an important.
sensuality should be ONLY beautiful, not vulgar, not profane.
eroticism should be an art piece, not a porn.
it’s not negotiable.

hairstyle: try bald head ✓

have tried different kind of hairstyles.
I wanna try to have a bald head at least once in my life.
now, it’s just the matter of time.
gonna figure out the best time to execute this goal. :)

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