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LJ is too difficult

I tried in vain to do something nice with my Live journal layout but it’s just too hard. So I’ve given up and I’ve resorted to starting up my blogger account and re-vamping that.

I gave it a new name and a new layout. I think I’ve done rather well. I’ve even set myself the challenge of blogging on it every day for 40 days. I’ve got 25 days to go!

My blog url is:

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I have a blog, I don’t write in it very often but I think I should as I like getting things off my chest in an anonymous way. I’m quite a private person when it comes to face to face communication. I think it’s largely because I’m shy in nature and I find talking to people quite a hard task sometimes. I think I’m scared of how I appear to people. I don’t consider myself to be outwardly pretty, I hardly look like a super model especially considering I’m overweight.

However being on the net and talking to people via type and them not knowing about all the physical aspects that I think people are put off by (no matter how shallow they say they aren’t) looking at me on face value. I can shed all of those when I’m online. I’m simply the inner me. The me that people would see if they ignored my cover and the insecurities I have about it. I met my partner online just over 2 years ago. We didn’t see what each other looked like for at least the first 3 weeks to a month of our relationship. It might sound odd but I actually think it made us stronger. We were more bothered about what each other thought and felt and cared about rather than how big their ears were or if they were a Brad Pitt lookalike.

Anyways rambling aside. I’ve sort of made myself a mid year resolution. Try and write in your blog at least once a week about something random. I don’t write in it much now because I don’t feel I have the time but I reckon that it does me so much good when I do write in it that maybe it might not kill me to have some little therapy sessions each week. I also think I need to doll it up a little. It looks a bit boring set on default so I’m going to make my own layout. I know roughly how things like HTML work and I dabble in photoshop so I hope I can come up with something not too shabby.


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