The Empress Knows what Rivers Know: There is no hurry. in Los Angeles is doing 14 things including…

honeymoon in Cuba.

7 cheers


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The Empress Knows what Rivers Know: There is no hurry. has written 7 entries about this goal

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changing priorities: we want a house more. so our Cuba Fund got consolidated into our House Fund, where it made a big difference.

Dream Vacation back-burnered, and we’re feeling pretty darn mature about it.


We could swim there faster. Ha.

But it’s progress.

(Interestingly enough, husband is now thinking he’d rather walk the Camino before visiting Cuba… They’re both Bucket List trips for me, so I won’t complain about whichever comes first! The main difference is, we’d have to take two weeks off for Cuba, two MONTHS off for Spain!)


withholding this month’s Cuba Contribution, because we are actually traveling.

if there’s anything left at the end of the month, I’ll deposit it then.


our poor, under-utilized entertainment budget is usually about 5% of our take-home pay.

this is the second paycheck I’ve taken 2.5% of for our Cuba Fund, and its very nice to see the numbers grow!

entertainment budget.

we work too hard. we don’t max out our modest entertainment budget each month. we don’t even spend half.

starting in march, we’ve decided to put half of the entertainment budget into the Cuba fund each month. at that rate, it could take us another three years to save enough, so we’ll have to find more money somewhere.

but it’s a good start!

Spring 2014?

it’s the trip of a lifetime, this 90 miles from U.S. soil…

and so it requires a great deal of planning, and consideration, and… let’s face it, cash.

but we’re getting closer, having paid off our debt, beginning to stock our emergency fund, and clearing our calendar.

the beginning

I made sure that we are in fact allowed to travel to Cuba to visit our relatives.

I checked into preliminary costs.

we designated a savings account for that, and deposited a significant portion of my mother’s very modest life insurance payout into it.

she would have liked that…

The Empress Knows what Rivers Know: There is no hurry. has gotten 7 cheers on this goal.


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