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pioneerspirit has written 5 entries about this goal

It's too embarrassing to post how many

garbage bags we probably threw out. Especially, considering we’d brought this stuff across the country at least a couple of times.

I mean, it could easily be a busload. I mean an actual busload. And still we could do more. And will.

Have had bags to give away to Goodwill

in the car for over 2 months now. Now we have to culll all the kid’s clothes from summer and spring too. Am hoping to be done with this tonight, tomorrow at the very latest.

Need to get rid of an old TV previous tenants left here.

Then, I think we’ll be garbage free! . . . Except for the attic, damn! But all that is stuff from previous tenants we just need to throw out, or give away, maybe we can have a “everything is free” garage sale before it gets too cold.

Getting so close to being done with all our clutter

We still have about another 3 boxes to unpack. Dh has about 2 more crates of notes to sort through, and I have an entire file cabinet to sift through. I can’t believe I’ve been carting around so much garbage for so long, both literally and figuratively. It’s amazing how more clearly I can think every time we throw something away.

finally started up again

I had stopped FLYing when I got back from my retreat, my hubby did pretty good considering. But it’s taken 3 weeks to catch up. But, yey, we’re caught up, and at least we’re not in CHAOS. And last night we started digging into the unpacked boxes, and threw out a ton.


So we're decluttering the family room everyday

this month. We donated 7 shopping bags full of kids clothes, threw out 1 or 2, gave away 3 bags of adult clothes, and have a shopping bag of books to register at A few tapes to give away, threw out old CDs, and old paperwork (huge trash bag). So far. How many tons is that?

Only 20 or so boxes to go.

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