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stop picking my skin

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I was on a really great diet, no drinking and i noticed my skin cleared up significantly. I feel like the back acne and birth control pill thing have run its course so i feel my back getting better. slowly but surely and actually have recieved a lot of compliments on my skin. the picking is tapering off actually! a word on proactive… its pretty nice and it DID help, but only a little bit. My diet helped most though. I did a cleansing fast and then no sugar, gluten or dairy for a month, which i am trying to maintain.


if anyone reads this they probably think i’m nuts. but man we have so much control over these kinds of things, we have to aknowledge them and deal. so many things i notice or have been been pointed out in my personality that i would rather not have. but we all have these things. its importent to be aware and improve where you can. hence why i love this site. we are all so humanly flawed. my boss is someone i respect and look up to. she’s a my role model, someone i’d like to be like someday. i recently became friends with her daughter and its weird to hear her complain about her mother, the way i complain about mine. her flaws and inconcistencies. we all are so flawed. is that comforting? or are we all screwed?


i’m going through a break up and i’ve noticed as a result i’ve been tearing at my face more often, which is frustrating because now i’m all marred up. my back is break out because i got off the pill a couple months ago so now i pick my bad which is also full of scars. its fucked up. i wish i had a way to deal with the stress. i can’t exercise all day. i went to some websites about this, i guess its a disorder. i’ve been doing this for so long, i thought everyone does. people at work look at me funny because i leave my office with a fucked up face. then ask if i’m okay. its really embarrassing. some times i think i have it under control but lately i dont. arg. i miss having nice skin. the last couple years have been particularly bad.


So my skin has improved like 50% i dug out a couple black heads like psycho and have two marks on my cheek that will probably take a while to heal. I just got off the pill 2months ago so i think it will take a few more months before my skin levals out as far as break outs go. after i stopped the pill my back has started breaking out like it did in highschool which is horrible, i have so many scars from that. its easier not to pick at those, but i have ripped open a couple big ones. zits are so gross i wish my skin would just be clear. aren’t i too old for this? i’m 23? so think when i’m done using the face stuff i ahve now, i’m gonna try proactive and see if it works. i won’t pic my face if it wasn’t full of nasty crap


i got off the pill and my skin is clearing up a lot, and i’ve been exercising too, so i think thats a big help. no picking lately, I wonder how long i can go?

this is so difficult

i’ve been telling myself to stop, so still i’m doing it less and less but it might take a while. some times i tell myself its a harmless little squeeze and i end up totally mutilating my face, I’m really broken out now and stressed out so it’s super hard not to.


i definately haven’t gone a day with out a quick squeeze or pick, but i for sure have cut down dramatically. I catch myself now and make myself stop. my skin looks a lot better, I also switched to this line of face wash called dermatologica, its helped a ton with zits, it was a little more then i’d like to spend on face stuff.

i love doing this

picking my face is so satisfying, isn’t that sick? I convinced myself it will prevent future pimples or something, i think a friend in highschool who had great skin told me that to mess with me

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