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day 4

Today I was walking in the rain with my friend Morgan. She lives in this awesome co-op with a nice garden around the back. We were walking and talking and we stopped. We closed our umbrellas and looked straight up. It wasd the most peaceful expeirience I’ve ever had.

day 3

Today in the elevator, there was this kid, around 8-11, barefoot with an old, dirty, ripped up rag on his shoulder. I didn’t know who he was, I had never seen him in the neighborhood before. He was on the elevator with me and got off at the same floor. On the way up, though, he kept scratching his feet. I couldn’t help but notice how calloused they sounded, and that he had numerous red marks on his legs. Bug bites? I don’t know if was homeless or poor or orphaned. But the fact that he had no shoes really struck me. I felt so fortunate. I found this while staring at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact. I was looking down at my shoes, brown Crocs with charms on them.

When back at my house, I told my mom, and she left to check it out. When she arrived quickly, I asked her what happened. She replied, that he was a friend of Jake’s, a neighbor down the hall.
That left me pondering…

Day 2

Yay! I am actually keeping up with this goal. Today was my friend’s mom’s birthday. I had blueberry waffles for breakfast.I always wondered who wrote the music for High School Musical, because it really sucks. I wonder if the composer actually realizes how crappy is is.
We’re all in this together, la blah blah blah I don’t know the dumb words
I mean, how can someone think of such sappy songs with even sappier lyrics. Come on “We’re soarin’ flyin’” Who cares if you’re soarin’ flyin’? I certainly don’t”

Day 1

I am obsessed with this site i dfound it yesterday and now im hooked. i am (among other things) a website junkie

Day 1

I going to the beach today with my friend Morgan, but it’s barely getting above 77 degrees F!! I hope the water is warm. It should be, it being August and all.

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