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poochy3 in Los Angeles is doing 30 things including…

master cleanse

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Day one!

well just did my swf and waiting for the results! I’m back on the cleanse today. It’s really time for me to clean myself inside and out. I just went through (and am still not through yet) an incredibly stressful , shocking, and completely changing period in my life. My whole life is new. I’m on my own now and left with huge challenges it’s very scarey. The last time I cleansed(around April) it started a 20 pound weight loss for me, but more importantly it strengthen me spiritually. It not only rids you of toxic damaged cells in your body but also of toxic thoughts and habits. This whole new changing period of my life is a good time to clear away and shed. I’d like to get down to a happy weight,(lose at least 10 pounds), and get running regularly again, get a better job and a better place to live as well so all these things need to be built on a solid foundation. I’m done hanging on to old thoughts it’s time to get excited about the new! There’s going to be a whole hell of a lot of changes so I’m going to start here! Chip, I see you’re coming back! YAY!!! I could use the support and I’m right now going to read your stuff to see where ya been! Maybe we’ll get lucky and hear from Amelia! On to day one….CHARGE!!!!!!

Post Cleanse

. so I haven’t posted in a few days during my post cleanse because for some reason my schedule of clients meetings working out and obligations became crazy!! So, let me back track, by the last day of my cleanse ( day 10), I had lost 12 pounds. The first day adjusting to the orange juice was at first great but I guess it wasn’t satisying enough so I went straight into the soup.. For me I felt ready and I love cooking soup and mine is a lot heartier than the mc version. As that day went on I started to nibble at whole wheat tortillas with my soup. So by the second day I already transitioned into a giant tofu smoothie . It was Soo good, and it feel GREAT! I made the move to normal food (healthy) but I was worried that I would immediatly put weight back on and I haven’t weighed since Wed. (and I was cautious about my digestion of regular food). I was afraid but since Wed. I’ve lost another 4 pounds!!!!! I wouldn’t suggest that quick of a move to solid food for anyone but before this cleanse I had already learned quite a bit about my own system and had already begun implementing an eating plan. I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn in years. Everyone has noticed the difference. Somehow I even feel younger and happier but it’s not because of the outside, it’s the feeling of taking care of myself inside! Feeling accomplished and worth this effort. For anyone who’s feeling down, heavy, depressed, or maybe just middleaged, and would like to feel ALIVE again ,I recommend this! I’m going to continue cleansing my body and soul, even though the MC is over. No meat or dairy,lots of soy, fiber, organic veggies and fruits, my ” poop soup” and try to make an effort for a couple lemonades a day!Having dropped some of that fat I can run better and longer and move around like I was 15 years younger! I’m excited to get up every morning to see more results! On April 17 I will be seeing people I haven’t seen in years and I can’t wait for them to see the new me. The last time they saw me I coud barely smile, avoided eye contact, was bursting out of my clothes , and always cut the conversation short. This time I’ll be beaming! Thanks to ALL of you aon this board. I could never have done this without you! Amelia, Chip, Toria, La Vida and all of you, THANKS for such a great gift! Love, Poochy :) I only regret I didn’t do before and after photos!!!! Maybe next time!


This was life changing for me when I really needed it. If you want to transform yourself from inside out this is worth doing!!!!


Feeling FANTASTIC. You know it’s not about how much I lost during this flush(about 12 pounds, maybe more since I’m getting my period ), it’s about the renewal . I feel this flush has created a whole new me. Like a ” do over “in my life. These short 10 days(that seem like eternity when you’re on day 3) gave me a miracle. I feel like now I’m ready to be the person I* want to be. I feel healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. I feel so happy and young again, so “alive”! Mostly I feel *excited about the brand new way I’m looking at life. The possibilities are endless. I’m so lucky! I’m going to explore everything! I’m going to put lot’s of miles on those new running shoes, take a raw food prep course, up my massage clients, be of service to others whenever I can but mostly live in this bliss as much as possible! That was my last SWF for awhile, but I’ll be doing it again probably the end of May. It’s life changing for me. I’m gong to enjoy this last day and continue to make plans for my ongoing health. Well, I’m off to seize the day! Amelia my bud, it’s day 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POOCH:)

Day *9*

well I did something really dumb last night. I made my tea but I was SO tired that I crashed before I drank it! I slept all the way until 5am. That’s late for me, guess I didn’t have the cramps at 3am to wake me up. Plus I guess I needed the sleep. Had a crazy day yesterday alot of walking. Well did my swf but noticed I had a really hard time today. I think I was too awake and aware of what I was doing so I couldn’t get it all down without puking. Well I just hope the rest of day 9 goes better! I feel thinner, loads more energy, I feel younger somehow, more vibrant,More peaceful and and content. People are seeing a change in me, but here’s the best thing of all, somehow doing this cleanse has let me be me again. I was so pulled in a million directions, racing here and there, trying to do everything for everybody, a crazy hectic stressed out life that led me to letting myself go. No wonder i had gained weight was getting so depressed, lack of sleep, looking so haggard and becoming insecure and plain old frumpy. It was sad. This cleanse and this board slowed me down because I took time to put this( taking care of me) first. I deserve this happiness I feel right now. The accomplishment and the glowing feeling I have coming from the inside out was something I should have given myself long ago. We have to take care of ourselves and let our bodies and minds, take a rest, pamper them and be thankful for all they do. I’m someone who puts everything and everyone ahead of my own needs so it was time because I neglected myself long enough, I was self destructing. Anyway how can we be of use or be there for anyone else if we’re not healthy, physically, spiritually or mentally. This cleanse tuned me right up in all those areas! So I’m thankful for that. And I’m thankful to all of you. I’m going to make the most out of these last two days and appreciate them. I’m going to continue gathering great ideas with my nutritionist friend for post cleanse. Then I’ll be gathering oranges! Have a fantastic day, make the MOST of it! :) poochy hey amelia day 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*DAY 8*

Day 8 , I just got down the swf . Not so bad today because I know I only have 2 more to go after this. I’m getting ready to run again and I’ve found it much more enjoyable since day 5 on the cleanse. I look forward to it everyday! It’s a great natural high to start out my day. So I know I’ve lost at least 10 lbs. on this cleanse and people have been commenting but yesterday I realized that it is still not where I want to be when this is over in 2 days. So I’ve been thinking alot about what steps to take when it’s over. A holoistic, vegan, nutrionist friend of mine who has done this years ago suggested that I do a juice diet. I’m thinking this is a great opportunity to really research interesting healthy dieting. I think I may combo juice and one meal a day but make it something creative and healthy. This will be fun actually . Looking forward to it. Well time to run, literally. thanks everyone! have a nice day!!!:)poochy

Day *7* !

Yesterday was weird. woke up early as usual and got through all the things I do, and my work out, but when I was done at like 3:30 I layed down to watch a movie. Next thing I know it’s 8:00pm. I was shocked. It was the best sleep ever and it kept me from eating not to mention I must really have needed it. For a minute I was worried that I’d never get back to sleep and i’d spend the night awake. I was wrong! Fell asleep until 4:30am which is when I usually get up anyway. That felt great! Aside from that, already through with my 7th swf. only 3 more to go! Alot of comments on my weight and things like “there’s something different about you but I can’t put my finger on it”. Any way feeling great! Not much more to go and since it’s Sunday I just may go back to bed! Have an awesome day everyone, PS Amelia Bedelia Day 7!!!!!!! AAAHHHHH! One more thing.. Yesterday I got sick of lemons so I peeled a couple limes threw them in a blender with ice mp, cp, and blended (like the lemon ice experiment) this time it reminded me of a magarita with no booze. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM So if it’s a beautiful Sunday and your bored there you go! A lime icey!:)

Day 6 !!!!!

Wow! I’m shocked. Feeling a little foggy and cold this morning but I’ll be coming out of that soon I think. So the elims. were not as solid as yesterday but I know all that junk took time to get there so I’m just going to trust the LA, tea, and swf needs a little time, only on day 6 soooo being patient. I’ve also read older posts saying hang in there day 7 or 8 could be very productive in that area. Looking forward to that. Had a bad day with the swf. All my tricks weren’t working for some reason. Got down as much as I could and it was still enough to be productive but I hope it’s easser again for the last 4 mornings or that may be a problem. My body feels great though,looking forward to my tae bo class today and to getting out for a jog again. Yesterday was brilliant!Would love to recreate that everyday of my life! well, happy cleansing everyone! :) Oh I wanted to add… Thank God for sleep. Not only is it so healing but jeez at the end of the day when I’ve had it with the damn lemons and think I’m going to break, cave in and say screw it, I’m so dang tired that I know if I lay down I’m out of it until the next day. Then you know what, it’s a new day and you have the energy to start over, nobody thinks about cheating in the morning right? So our nights sleep allows us some kind of break from this fast sort of, and thank GOD for that. That’s all. ps yay Amelia day 6!

What about ice?

I can’t remember reading anything about ice, but I threw a peeled lemon in the blender today with a whole ice tray a little water, mp, and cp and blended it. It’s exactly like an Italian ice! It’is like a treat! Is that wrong?

La Vida!!!

Don’t you give up today because you are going to want to feel this natural high I’m feeling now! Just came back from a 40 min. jog, cranking Dave Mathews the whole way , beautiful sun shining, green trees fresh air , God is the BEST!!! What an AMAZING thing!!! Haven’t been so overwhelmed with gratitude toward life and God and the strength he gives in so long!!! It’s so friggin great so keep goin’ one LA at a time and you’ll get here too! All the best…. poochy3

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