poochy3 in Los Angeles is doing 30 things including…

lose 10 lbs


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poochy3 has written 3 entries about this goal


it’s so good to read this first thing in the morning. It helps me realize the things I’m going to need to do to make it a good day! Drank the diet tea last night and when that is through working I’m going for a jog. Pick up some water lemons and oj. maybe some cabbage for a soup later! hhhmmmm. well 10 pounds here I come!


Been feeling pretty under the weather for the last couple of days. Very exhausted but after thinking things through I’ve decided to start a fast this afternoon. I’m going to use juice and the mc lemonade maybe broth. This will not only help me with the 10 pounds but detox my cells and help rid out toxic and dead tissues, clear my head and connect better spiritually. My body and soul need a good cleansing. I’ll have to start with the tea tonight since I decided this after eating a bagel and drinking coffee.

time to buckle down!

lost about 30 and have been pretty unfocused for a bit so now I’m getting serious and restarting my goal. My goal is now to lose these last 10 lbs. It’s May 22 and I’m giving myself until June 22. I can do that easily!


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