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Attempt number two

My second attempt at volunteering is well under way.

Contacted the Red Cross, again, this time to help out as a “study assistant” at a library in the suburbs. From 5 pm to 7 pm you offer your assitant to anyone who needs help with homework, assignements, etc. Can be younger kids, but also adults.

I was there today for the first time. And I’m looking forward to next week.


I failed at volunteering…

Got involved in the Red Cross young refugee program, was supposed to be a “swedish contact”for a young somali girl.

that kind of just peetered out.

Red Cross and (swedish) Stadsmissionen

I’ve contacted the Red Cross and Stadsmissionen (works with the homeless, old people and families in need). Going for an interview at the Red Cross in a couple of weeks, but Stadmissionen’s volunteer courses were fully booked for the fall.

But the Red Cross option seems great. I’ve applied for the “refugee guiding program”. You get matched (according to interest, education, work etc) with a newly arrived refugee, whom you’re supposed to introduce to (in my case) a tiny bit of swedish society. Like go to the museum, take a walk in the city etc etc.

I’ll find out more in a couple of weeks.

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