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Tomorrow is the last day of my detox.

I am glad that I chose to detox for this long. Up until a couple weeks ago, I was keeping a huge list of sweets, dairy products, and simple carbohydrates labeled “things I am eating after the detox is done.” In the final two weeks of my detox, many of these items totally lost their appeal. Dairy just does not sound good anymore. Neither does white bread. Sugar-laden and cream-heavy desserts sound way too rich and sweet for my taste. Glad to have reset my palette so that now dates, raisins, and strawberries sound sweet enough for dessert and cake sounds like overkill.

I am hoping that I will maintain a diet relatively close to the one I kept on my detox, but am happy to add back in some treats and to be able to eat out. I definitely have missed being able to have a drink and am excited to have drinks with my boyfriend this weekend. I want to continue starting every day with apple cider vinegar, because it makes my stomach feel settled.

Also, I would like to revisit this goal in the future and go a little more hardcore with it—maybe a juice fast, or substituting fruit and vegetable smoothies for a couple of my meals a day.

I’m disappointed that my clear skin didn’t last, although I’m sure that my current breakout has more to do with falling asleep in my make-up, stress from work, and lack of sleep than it does to do with my diet. On the bright side, I have tons more energy than I did when I started this detox and am feeling more alert.

I did not succeed in drinking as much water as I wanted to during the detox, nor did I improve my water intake over these past couple weeks as much as I had intended to. Maybe that will become a separate goal. I will keep trying to drink a little more each day.

Tomorrow is the last day of week 4 of my detox.

After that, I have two more weeks to go until I check this off my list. I have lost weight and inches, I feel lighter and more energized, and my skin has cleared up a fair amount. I have not been eating any dairy, eggs, or meat (though I was already vegetarian). I also am not eating any glutens (no wheat or oatmeal for me), sugar, salt, or alcohol. I start every day by drinking some warm water with apple cider vinegar, lemon, and a teeny bit of honey. This practice alone has made me feel much healthier and helps settle my stomach in the morning. I am eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Two things I want to achieve in my last two weeks of detoxing are increasing my intake of water and adding more exercise to my routine.

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