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learn how to crochet


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I can figure out the stitches. I just can’t read the freaking patterns!! I want to make several things but I find the patterns totally confusing. Hopefully my crochet teacher will be able to help me out a bit, but this is annoying… I thought I’d have made more stuff by now but every time I start a new item, I get bogged down in translating the pattern and can’t figure out the next step. (I did figure out how to make round stuff though!)


I made a scarf this weekend. I’m still a beginner but I have the basics down and can make square things. Once I figure out how to do stuff in the round, I’ll be all set!


I have a friend who will teach me how. This is my substitute for learning how to knit, at least for awhile… I’d like to be able to make scarves and blankets. Hopefully I’ll get a start on this over the Christmas break so that I can make scarves as gifts next year and save some $$$! Would also like to do scarves/blankets as giveaways for the cold Iowa winters.


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