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Same day continued

So I was down to 400 and then I won 2800. I tipped 92.25 on a 7.75 beer to my friend Will. Need to be rescued. Currently at 3500. If I hit 4000 I’m leaving.

Same day

I think I might need to be rescued. I was down to 500 and then low and behold I’m back up to 1750. So much for the self exclusion program. I win jackpots and it’s fine. Granted I don’t use my real name.

May 7

I have 1198. An hour ago I had 3000. I’ve consumed 3/4 of a samosa and 4 1/2 beers. To leave with what I started with yesterday I need to make 12 dollars. I’ve lied to my parents and aunt about where I am. I again used Heathers name to win a “jackpot”. (only 1080). I’m no further ahead and I’m tired. I’ve worked pretty much all this year with less than 2000 paid down even though I’ve made around 20,000. Want to be me?

April 29

I can blame stress or whatever but I messed up yesterday. New day, starting over.

Day 3

Safe at the ranch.


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