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Yea new house! Boo bad riding roads!!

I was good about riding my bike to work in the fall at my old house. I bought a new house. It is still pretty close to work, but the traffic is bad on the road and all the routes are really hilly. My bike is so heavy and bulky, I don’t think I can do it. I should be able to ride it for pleasure if I go North, away from work. But, it eliminates the environmental benefits of riding to work. We’ll see. Maybe a new bike is in my future.

Little kids have wicked strong legs.

I forgot how tired your legs can get on a bicycle. I am wearing down, heading up a hill on my way home from work, and little kids are flying past me. My plan is to ride it everyday for the next month. I still have to find something waterproof to carry my work things in.

Just pull out the old bike and ride it.... not that easy

I decided to ride my bike to work from now on. $135 later, I still don’t have a way to actually carry my things to work on my bike. I had to have the bike from the early 90s safety checked. Then I needed fenders, a rear rack, lights, and new tires. I still need to buy some kind of waterproof pants, waterproof panniers to carry my work clothes and work materials, gloves, and I’ve always wanted a cool bell. I am guessing I’ll spend another $75-$100 before I am really riding it to work in all types of weather.
In spite of all of the money I am spending, I think I’ll be happier once I start doing it. I plan to take a longer way to work so I can get more exercise. It will just feel better to drive less and get myself going in the morning. I am really excited to get going with it.


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