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learn to play the harmonica

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So. The new harmonica I ordered turned out to be a big disappointment. First of all it was mostly plastic, and second of all, the sound of it is kind of crappy. So I haven’t played a tune since I got it.

Saturday night.

So, apparently I played the birthday song for my best friend, on the harmonica, in a bar, in a room decorated as a kitchen. I can imagine it looked something like this, and if I remember it correctly it didn’t go too well.
It was still my first professional performance, whether I remember it or not!

Super Mario Brothers Theme, ehehhee.

Whilst waiting for breakfast I found the tiny harmonica was laying oddly close to me at the table, so I picked it up, played a tune, put it down again, found, found Super Mario Brothers Theme, picked up the harmonica again, and started my magic. Obviously it’s on the table again, but I was just excited to write about it! The theme song sounds kind of awesome, even though it’s going sloooooow.
For this song for now, I’m pretending that Luigi ate a magic mushroom and the whole song is in slow motion.

Guess what!

Yesterday I ordered myself a new harmonica! I have faith in this one! Plus, it’s SO cute! I hope it arrives tomorrow!!


I dusted of the tiny harmonica and blew a few tunes until I realized I have no idea what I’m doing. I have to start practice, for real. The problem is that my girlfriend probably won’t cheer this as much as people on this site.
Memo to self: build kitchen into soundproof room.


I have both a small and a regular sized harmonica, but I find myself only fooling around when I try to learn it. (I am awesome at doing the whole scale really fast, though.) But this time it’s different! I hope.

Each week I will try to learn at least one song, and remember it, so I have a bate to make friends during the summer. Let the challenge begin!

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