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Live a more simplistic and healthier life; Always remembering that my body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit, as a result it has to be treated as such

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Today I spent quite a while sorting out my clothes. As a result I have gotten ridden of approximately 4 bags. Which is a good start, but still more to go yet when I have the time.

I am enjoying reading about simplicity

on the dollar stretcher website. I am finding some inspiration that’s for sure.

Doing a clean out

Its amazing how much rubbish I actually have. I am quite surprised. But I know that once its all sorted out things will be much better, so I am not too worried at the moment.

The Amish

Tonight I watched an episode of: Living with the Amish, which I found very inspiring and encouraging, as it makes me want to find out more about their lifestyle. I hope I get the opportunity to watch the other episodes.

For my health

I threw out a shoulder bag that I always end up migraines with when I use it.

So good bye bag = lot less pain. I can’t wait.

A bit of a clean out = feeling freer

This afternoon (and evening) I decided that I would sort out one of my book shelves. I wanted to do this, as I feel that the clutter it holds in making me not feel the best, nor as productive as I would like.

In the beginning I found it daunting, that was until I took the advice of my husband (Just start with one shelf, otherwise it will get too overwhelming). The result is a much more ordered shelving system. Minus a box of books and magazines to donate.

I am happy with the result. I still have a lot to sort out. But because of today’s efforts I feel more confident.

I must say (for me at least) having a clean out is very releasing and empowering.

I feel ashamed

And the reason is quite simple. I am wasting a lot of food, especially meat, as I keep forgetting to use it before it goes off.
I feel really bad about this for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are people that have no or little food at all and here I am throwing a lot away. I personally find this disgraceful, so I want to stop this happening at all if its in my control at all. Secondly, the money I have wasted to buy the food could have been best spent elsewhere. Thirdly, the animal had to die so I could have a part of it, as a result I feel upset that I have wasted such a precious life, that took effort and care on the farmers part to bring for me to have. I took that blessing and wasted it, as a result I feel ashamed. All I can really say is I need to change this behaviour and as quick as possible.

Tiny Houses

I am in love with the small/tiny house movement. However, I wonder how possible it would be with a family. I think more research is required. But it does make me think about what is vital for my life and what is not.

I found this interesting article online and just related with it in a huge way. So I thought I would share.

Choosing simple living

by Erin Doland on Jul 8, 2010

An unclutterer is someone who chooses to live without the distractions that get in the way of a remarkable life.

Contrary to what you might assume, the most important word in the definition of an unclutterer isn’t distractions (or what we also call clutter) or even the goal of a remarkable life. The pivotal word in the definition is chooses.

The pursuit of an uncluttered life begins with a choice — you choose to practice simple living. No one can force you to be an unclutterer, and you don’t stumble into a simple life by mistake. Even people who lose all of their possessions in a catastrophe are not unclutterers, as they might choose to fill up their homes and lives again when circumstances permit.

Choosing to live an uncluttered life starts with wanting to get rid of distractions. Once this desire is present, you begin to see your life from this new perspective. When your mindset has changed, your actions will follow. Getting rid of clutter is usually the first outward sign of your choice to be an unclutterer.

From these first steps, you continue to choose to live simply every moment you’re awake. There will come a time when you stop acknowledging this moment-to-moment choice, but you continue to make it (or not make it). Then, when you turn your focus to the things that matter most to you, your reward is the remarkable life you desire.

It all begins with a choice …

I have

too many clothes. I need to do something about it.

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