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care about health for a year

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Todd Gehman has written 1 entry about this goal

decrepit old bastard to dashing mogul jumper in one year

It starts with Health Month and ends with skiing again next winter. Which is to say, I’ve skied only once in the last six or seven years, it was Christmas 2007. By the first run I’d badly sprained my lower back and by a week later it had morphed into sciatica which kept me from walking normally for over a month. Which is to say, I is a decrepit old bastard. Took me another year of sloth before I decided to start, but now I’m starting. The path leads through learning yoga, losing weight, hiking and biking a lot this summer, and eating better. What I like about this plan is that I’m not trying to give anything up (except during health month), but rather to resume activities the less lazy me loves. What I also like about this plan is there are all sorts of iPhone health and diet apps to help make progress tracking easy and fun. Thank you, nerds of Apple. Nerds are awesome, even if they can’t ski to save their lives.

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