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My two juiciest documentary projects (including the one I false-started a few months ago) can’t swing into production until late summer. Meanwhile I’ve met some cool folks who are just getting off the ground doing docs on interesting local angles. Hopefully I’m going to join up with them, probably starting as the audio guy since I have more experience with mics and recording than the rest of the crew. Boom Operator is not my dream role, but getting off my ass and into doc production will be great in and of itself. And if these people are really cool to work with, who knows, a production company might materialize. Have to insert a plug for the Northwest Film Forum for providing the classes that are helping me jumpstart progress on this long-held goal. Last month’s Videography workshop with Erik Vilinskas kicked ass.

juicy subject materializing

I finally landed on an idea, and I’m going to start shooting next week. That is, as long as I can get my hands on a camera and learn how to operate it by then.

Anyway, I removed the subject description posted here because I’d rather keep the idea to myself until the project is further along. But it’s a specific angle on live music in Seattle. Sort of a counterpoint to Hype. I’m excited. And nervous.

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