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write an artist's statement

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first stab

Oh crap, now I actually have to finish this. The school is putting together a book of student’s work and they’re calling for submissions. I wonder if this is too snarky to include with my portfolio?

Somebody once said that they took up photography because they wanted to paint, but faster. I never wanted to paint – I can’t even doodle – so I don’t know what they were talking about. At all.

But shooting is pretty fast, I’ll give them that. Developing and printing can be a bit more tedious, but the juicy part is the moment just before the shutter is released. At that point, in the case of people like me, there is no philosophy or intentional design, there is no statement in manufacture. There is only an instinctive link between a photographer and a subject. I walk around and look at people and things and when something might look cool as a photograph, I take a picture of it, hoping that it will.

If my work conveys sarcasm and abstraction, which is what I’ve heard, it’s possible that this is an art form and I am an artist who is sarcastic and abstract and hereby self-expressed. But maybe these are just photographs after all, which hopefully look cool, for your sake. (I already got what I wanted out of it.)

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