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be a great mother

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I'm totally doing this

I’m spending EXTRA time with her, I’m doing all I can to be a great mom.

I've been spending lots of time with my little one

and I’ve seen alot of improvements in her behavior. I’ve been saying I dont feel like I’ve speant enough time with her for ages, and I finally feel like I’m catching up. Her teachers are actually being nicer to me.

She's getting older and things are chaging

for instance I work 3rd shift. So no more friends over after work on Saturday when she’s not in school. Tues-Fri it’s ok because I’ll take her to school before I have company. But Saturdays are for us now.

I feel good about that decision.

picking up my baby early

calling out for dinner right now. when we get home it should be close to being here. And I have ice cream for after.

I’ve missed her since she’s been in school all day and I go to sleep early for work, and my mom watches her at night. So I’ve only been with her for a few hours total this week. I’ve been promising her dinner.

This weekend I promised her to take her to the park, and spend lots of time with just mommy.

Beautiful Weather we're having

Decided to take my daughter to the park at least once a week. She’ll love that.

new strategies when the old ones dont work

so time out isn’t working on the “I wanna be naked” thing. she wants to be defiant. but she still needs me for things. so now I’ll let her be naked but when she asks me for something she’ll have to put her clothes on first. hopefully she’ll get tired of putting her clothes back on every time she wants a cookie or an apple.

Spending lots of quality time with my munchkin

the more time we spend together the more grown up she acts. talking more, doing things that upset me less. But she’s tricky, she started pulling the old bait and switch on me, and boy is she clever. I have to keep two close eyes on my soon to be three year old!

Baught some cameras

I want more pictures of my munchkin because she’s so beautiful and special and so once in a life time awesome. Theres nobody I want pictures of more than her. So I got two disposable cameras and I plan to fill them up! I left them one on each side of the house, so if she does something cute I can run and get whichever is closer and capture the moment forever.

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